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Congratulations on the production line for the clay sand treatment of sitiqing island casting machine in Russia

Qingdao three casting machine equipment manufacturing co., LTD. During the epidemic,In order to ensure the timely delivery of overseas orders,Qingdao three casting machine equipment manufacturing co., LTD. All staff on time to rework,In the process of rework, we actively cooperated with the local government and health units to prepare for the prevention, control and disinfection,The safety and development of our employees has always been our top priority,While resuming work and maintaining production,Qingdao three casting machine equipment manufacturing co., LTD. To give the staff on time disinfection,Medical masks will be distributed,Ensure the safety of employees,After more than a month of production and quality testing,Integral components of the clay sand treatment line,Completed on schedule and packed to port
Thank you to our Russian friends for your trust,This batch of clay sand processing process production line is designed and manufactured according to the local operation environment in Russia,From initial communication to feedback on design drawings,Have been well received by customers,Our specialty finally conquered the customer,In the details of the automation and semi - automation of the adjustment,It makes the whole clay sand treatment production line reduce the transportation difficulty of molding sand manufacture,The quality and output of molding sand are improved,Ensure the qualified rate of molding sand in the molding core manufacturing department,In order to ensure the quality and quality of the whole casting production,Combined with the Russian climate,In terms of cooling bed, LG series water-cooled roller cooling bed is mainly used,The device has a large carrying capacity,Structure play tightly,Smooth operation,The drive more reliable,Long service life through the rainforest water cooling but cooling,Axial flow fans facilitate dust collection,Good dust removal effect,Detail makes quality,Qingdao three casting machine equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Has the spirit of craftsmanship,Quality oriented,Welcome to our factory for inspection。

Qingdao Sanzhuji Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of sand reclamation equipment,foundry machines,Sand casting equipment,GS high efficiency rotary mixer,no-bake resin sand mixer,Jolt squeeze molding machine/Jolt-squeezing moulding machines,Multi- Piston Moulding Machine/Hydraulic multi-piston moulding machine,foundry molding machine,flaskless moulding machine,shot blasting machine,dust collector,according to the amount of old sand recovered Carry out plan customization, and provide sand reclamation equipment installation, commissioning, and training. Welcome guests to visit the factory.

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