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Green Sand Casting Lecture

The term "green sand" is mainly based on the water content inside the sand. The sand undergoes a "molding/mixing" process in which various clays and chemical additives used as adhesives are mixed with the sand, resulting in a compound suitable for the sand molding process.
Sometimes the design of a casting involves internal piping in the part. This is done by using sand cores composed of similar sand mixtures. The heart allows the necessary internal catheters to be formed during the casting process. The advantage of these two halves is that they are formed in green sand.
The sand casting process involves making molds with a mixture of 30-35% silica sand and bentonite (a derivative of clay) with controllable low water content.
In the sand mold, there are mainly two types of sand, contact sand and fill sand. The first type of sand will define the tightness of the part, which is why it must be as thin as possible.
There are two types of green modeling: manual modeling and machine modeling. In the case of manual, modeling is carried out manually. This type of modeling was used at the beginning, but specialization and technology have developed to mechanical modeling, that is, compaction and replacing the previous manual modeling with professional machines. Due to this progress, the automation of this process has been promoted. Radver SA of CV has this type of equipment, which can greatly increase the output.
Then close the mold, pour the metal into the cavity and solidify.
Advantages and disadvantages of green sand molding
Economy: This is a cheaper process than other types of casting.
High temperature resistance.
It can be used for a large number of metals and alloys.
Uniform and semi smooth surface.
This is a flexible process with low material costs.
This is not the recommended process for large parts.
The tolerances obtained are usually quite large.
This is not the most appropriate process for completing complex geometric parts. On the contrary, in this case, we can provide investment options.
The surface finish obtained is not the best.
For parts with reduced mechanical strength, similarly, Radver SA of CV also has an investment casting or investment casting process to prevent wax loss if it leaves a smooth surface finish.

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