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Egypt Green Sand Mixer Project

technical specifications
1. Disk diameter: φ1600mm
2. Feeding amount at one time: 600-800kg
3. Spindle speed: 31r/min
4. Productivity: 18-20t/h
5. Rotor speed: 485r/min
6. Main motor power 30kw
7. Rotor motor power: 2×15kw

GS16-30 high-efficiency rotator mixer is mainly used for mixing green sand. It can be equipped with a quantitative device to achieve quantitative sand mixing. The rotator mixer is equipped with a quantitative water pump, which can automatically add water quantitatively during the sand mixing process. The rotator mixer can be used independently. It can also be used in conjunction with the automatic green sand production line. By building a sand mixing platform, a screw feeding device is equipped on the rotator mixer to realize the quantitative addition of coal powder, bentonite, and new sand. At the same time, it is equipped with a sand storage warehouse for storage after recycling. of old sand.

The rotator mixer completes the mixing in an average of 3 minutes. The outer wall of the rotator mixer is equipped with a sampling window, which can be sampled at any time to check the mixing state of the green sand, and to test the air permeability, moisture content, and strength of the green sand. After the green sand is mixed, it passes through the The sand conveying belt is transported to the molding area for the sand mold manufacturing of the molding machine.
The working principle of the rotator mixer is that the high-speed rotating bottom scraper pushes the material to form a circulation in the machine basin. The high-speed rotating rotor blade not only exerts impact force on the sand, but also exerts shear force on the sand in cooperation with the scraper, so that the sand particles can be separated quickly. Contact and strong friction, so as to achieve the purpose of fast sand mixing and loose molding sand. The transmission gears in the reducer are all made of large-modulus alloy steel hard-toothed gears, which have a long service life. The reducer is equipped with a magnetic oil plug to catch the iron foam in the box; the bottom plate of the sand mixer is paved with diabase cast stone, Smooth and wear-resistant; the scraper insert is made of wear-resistant hard alloy surfacing, and the inner lining is made of stainless steel or high molecular polyethylene for anti-sand treatment.
The main motor drives the reducer input through the European standard pulley, the output shaft is connected to the column with a chain coupling, and the main shaft drives the crosshead to rotate counterclockwise, so that the scraper device pushes the molding sand to form a circulation.
The two sets of rotor mechanisms are symmetrically fixed on the beam of the enclosure, each driven by the main motor through V-belt and gear two-stage deceleration to drive the sand mixing rotor to rotate counterclockwise, and cooperate with the scraper to apply impact, shear and friction to the molding sand.
The reducer is installed on the base. When overhauling, disengage the chain coupling, move the main motor out of the insertion part of the coupling, and then pull it out horizontally for repair without dismantling the column and other components.

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