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COL Bucket elevator project

Bucket elevator is used to transport and lift casting sand vertically during the sand casting process. It uses external bearings, which can effectively avoid sand wear and increase service life. The efficiency of this equipment is 5-15T/H, the lifting height is 4166mm, it is driven by a 3Kw motor, and it uses chain transportation internally. The width of the hopper is 200mm, and it can be used for vertical transportation of high-temperature old sand.

Bucket elevator is a national standard product. It is a modified product of d-type bucket elevator. It is suitable for vertical upward transportation of old sand, waste sand, new sand, cleaning iron shot and other granular, small block without grinding or semi -grinding powder materials. Its structure characteristic: the appearance size is small, the occupation area is little, the promotion height is big, the installation maintenance is convenient. There are two kinds of feeding methods: the receiving type and the taking type at the bottom. The material is transported to the top and discharged by centrifugal gravity.

The tensioning device of the improved bucket elevator is placed in the lower part with simple superstructure and convenient disassembly and installation. The machine is also equipped with a fine-tuning device, so that the tensioning adjustment is convenient. The feeding mode of this series bucket The elevator has the connection type and the bottom take out type, the belt is a high-strength lifting belt, with the characteristics of tear resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no elongation, no deformation, etc. : the tail wheel The structure is a mouse dragon type, to prevent sand from being squeezed into the belt, the head of the elevator is driven by a reducer.

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