Green Sand Molding Line

Green sand (green sand) sand recovery system can be customized according to the casting product

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Clay sand is the molding sand with clay as the binder. Sand treatment department is an important part of the foundry. Its main task is to provide qualified molding sand for the molding core-making department. The preparation of molding sand has a direct impact on the quality of casting production, the increase of output and the reduction of cost. Due to the complexity of sand treatment process, the workload of clay sand treatment and transportation is very large, and the environment is very harsh, so the realization of sand treatment process mechanization is an important part of casting production.

Green sand, green sand recovery system turnkey project

The company undertakes the clay sand sand treatment line design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, turnkey project.

Green sand production line process: Clay sand is a modeling (core) sand with clay as a binder. Mechanizing the sand recovery process is an important part of foundry production. The quality of the casting sand recovered after pouring directly affects the production quality and output of castings, and reduces costs. Due to the complex recycling and treatment process of used sand, the processing and transportation of green sand is very heavy, and the environment is very harsh, so the mechanization of sand recycling and treatment process is an important part of foundry production. After pouring and cooling, the sand mold is separated by a vibrating shakeout machine (drum shakeout machine) to complete the separation of the casting sand. The hot castings are transported to the shot blasting area by a scale conveyor. The sand outlet of the shakeout machine is equipped with a belt conveyor to transport the old sand In the regeneration area, the suspended magnetic separator and the belt conveyor are placed crosswise to remove the iron beans in the old sand. The dust in the old sand is removed through the dust removal port, and the screened old sand enters the small sand silo, the old sand is cooled by the boiling cooling bed, and the 2# bucket elevator vertically lifts the old sand to the sand silo for storage. The unloader distributes the old sand to the 2# sand bin, the 3# sand bin, and the bottom of the sand bin will be equipped with a vibrating disc feeder. The old sand falls into the belt conveyor and is transported to the storage hopper of the rotor sand mixer, coal powder, The bentonite is added to the auxiliary electronic scale through the screw feeder, and then enters the rotor sand mixer for mixing after uniform proportioning. After the sand loosening machine is processed, it is transported to the molding machine for a new round of molding use.

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