Z149 vibratory molding machine

Micro-vibration sand molding machine foundry, used in pairs and separately shaped. 25-30 molds / hour

product details

Shaking table size


Applicable size in sand box


Lifting stroke


Compaction stroke


Work pressure



40-60 molds / hour

Shock strength


Maximum distance between sand plate and shaker



Dimensions (length X width X height)

1200X 2000X 2450mm

Jolt squeeze moulding machine (Disa) is also know as jolt squeeze molding machine (Sinto) or even as compaction table in some area. This squeeze molding machine is economic molding solution for manual and simply automatic green sand casting production.
Micro-seismic compaction molding machine The structure of the machine is optimized. The body adopts a square box basket structure, which greatly improves the rigidity of the body. The machine adopts the micro-seismic compaction molding process, which can greatly improve the compaction strength so that the hardness of the sand box can reach above HB90, and the surface roughness is increased by one level to stabilize the product quality. The shock part of the machine adopts air cushion micro shock to effectively reduce the influence of the machine on the foundation. The south ejection mechanism uses cylinders, cranks, connecting rods, and synchronous shafts to achieve synchronous ejection. The control part of the machine adopts pneumatic components to realize the overall function, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The machine is easy to operate, can visualize the sand mold situation, and the operating procedure can be humanized, which effectively improves productivity.

characteristics of Jolt-squeezing moulding machines:
1. Cost saving moulding machine for green sand casting. Jolt squeeze molding machine can be used for manual casting and semi-automatic casting line. Cost is just 1/10 of flaskless moulding machine.
2. Bigger moulds size. It is better to use jolt and squeeze machine for moulds > 700x600mm and height >250mm.
3. Uniform and rigid moulds achieved by high frequency, low amplitude jolting with high dynamic squeeze force for uniform.
4. Maintenance and operator friendly with Heavy duty lifting cylinder, Reliable pneumatic parts, and Panel mounted push button.

The jolt-squeezing moulding machines are composed of body, working table, mould starting mechanism, shock compacting mechanism, swivel arm pressing head part and pneumatic piping system, etc.
1. The body is a solid hollow frame workpiece, the upper part of which supports the arm pressure head part, when compacting, the arm hooks the body so that the pressure force is borne by the body, the body and the shock mechanism are connected together with bolts, the arm pressure head part, the pressure head is fixed on the swing arm which can be turned back, the pressure head has a screw elevator which can be adjusted to the distance from the pressure head to the sand box according to the height of the sand box.
2. The working table is made of ductile iron, cast and shaped, which is used according to the size of the sand box.
3. The rotating arm is controlled by a hand-pull valve to control the piston of the cylinder to move back and forth to realize the movement of the positive arm and the rotating arm.
4. The mould starting structure consists of two mould starting cylinders, connecting rod, balance shaft, mould starting table and mould starting rod, etc. When the mould starting cylinder starts, it drives the connecting rod, balance shaft and mould starting table to make the four top rods lift the sand box and start the mould at the same time.
5. Shock compaction structure. Adopt spring micro-vibration pneumatic compaction structure, compaction shock to increase the vibration. The clamping cylinder locks the compaction cylinder when the mold is started, and the clamping cylinder is released when the mold is dropped.
6. Pneumatic piping system: the input compressed air, through the air filter to remove the water and impurities in the compressed air, and then through the oil mist injected lubricant, supply each pneumatic components and institutions, the machine action by the hand-pull valve console to achieve.
7. Air supply and lubrication. Machine is by the air source for energy and oil to do lubrication to achieve the work. The size of the inlet pressure and the size of the oil volume are adjusted by the pressure reducing valve and oil regulating valve. The air source through the oil fogger according to the principle of siphon will be sucked into the pipeline, fog into the pipeline system for lubrication.

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