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The role of shakeout shaker in old sand regeneration

In the foundry sand processing department, the inertia vibration shakeout machine has become one of the essential equipment. According to the requirements of the shakeout process, the shakeout machine can be divided into a single-mass vibration shakeout machine, a double-mass vibration shakeout machine and an assembled vibration shakeout machine. Commonly used shakeout specifications (load mass) are: 3-60T/H. The impact of the vibration and noise of the shakeout on the environment, the matching ability of the production line, and the effect of the shakeout are all reflections of the performance of the shakeout.

1. Application of two-mass vibration shakeout damper A set of dampers is usually set in the design and application of two-mass vibration shakeout to prevent abnormal amplitude during nonlinear vibration. The same is true for the single mass shakeout machine. In practical applications, the results of the no-load test and load test of the product on the production site show that the damper does not achieve the purpose of design and expectation, but instead causes an interference to the linear vibration and consumes part of the exciting force, and finally the linear vibration after removal On the contrary, the effect is better, and the abnormal fluctuation is small.”

The reason for this phenomenon is that the damping force of the damper is uncertain in the structure setting of the shakeout machine (the calculation is difficult), and there are many variables.
1.1 In the shakeout machine with the same load mass and different table, the damping distribution is a variable.
1.2 In the shakeout machines with the same table and different load masses, the damping distribution is also a variable.
1.3 Shafting machines with different load masses on different platforms, especially the load masses above 30 tons, have larger damping distribution variables.
1.4 In the process of falling sand, the change of the load mass, the damping distribution is also a variable. Therefore, the parameters for calculating the damping force are indispensable in theory, but adding a damper in practice is of little significance and can be ignored. But it is necessary and reliable to use a damper as an elastic cushion, elastic damping application, in order to prevent elastic deformation in the change of load mass.

2. The ratio between the length and width of the table top of the shakeout machine The table size of the shakeout machine is adjusted according to user requirements in many applications. There are also selected and used according to the size specified by the design. Some applications are more reasonable and effective. Some have poor effect, uncoordinated vibration, and poor sand falling effect. In the design of the table size of the shakeout machine, there is a proportional relationship between the length and width of the table in the theoretical calculation. Generally, it cannot be modified arbitrarily. For example, try to avoid square countertops. Avoid countertops that are out of proportion. When selecting the size parameters of the table, try to consider the design according to the ratio of length and width, which is beneficial to the selection of system vibration parameters (the distribution of excitation force and vibration isolation and vibration reduction) and the structural design of the vibration participating body. Commonly used countertop length-width ratio: length/width 1.35, 1.40, 1.45, 1.50, 1.55, 1.60. The size of the large table can be rounded, and the priority number is taken, and the height of the vibration body should be calculated and determined according to the quality required by the load.

3. Determination of the assembly form of the shakeout machine table In actual production, it is often encountered that the shape of the sand box or casting requires a shakeout machine with a large table size, so a combination of two, three or four shakeout machines is used. to fulfill. When assembling, the related auxiliary devices are often ignored, which affects the effect of falling sand. The reason is that the total mass of the casting mold is determined, while the mass falling on a single shakeout machine is uncertain (consider the load capacity of a single shakeout machine, gravity balance and load changes during the shakeout process), or Improper hoisting operation often causes overload or eccentric load, which causes damage to the application of the shakeout machine, mainly due to abnormal amplitudes under different loads. Therefore, the application of the assembled shakeout machine must consider the reasonable arrangement of auxiliary devices (components). e.g. elastic damping elements, rubber cushions
etc., to enhance the ability to resist abnormal amplitude. The decompression damping element (spring) for shakeout machine is an elastic damping device. Its application can prevent the unbalanced vibration of the table surface caused by the uneven load of the shakeout machine, so that the spring can avoid the phenomenon of excessive stretching and breaking. The installation position can be applied on the four corners or the perimeter of the shakeout table. Leave the gap at the effective maximum deformation.

4. Synchronization of vibration motor The application of vibration motor in single-mass and double-mass inertial vibration shakeout machines has become mature, which greatly reduces the complexity of design and processing of shakeout machines. At the same time, it also reflects the characteristics of the synchronous following characteristics of the asynchronous vibration motor due to the characteristics of the asynchronous motor. However, the installation accuracy and structural form of the vibration motor have a great influence on the linear vibration and synchronization of the shakeout machine.
4.1 The vibration motor installed horizontally on both sides has good linearity and synchronization.
4.2 Vibration motors with vibration angle installed on single and double sides have good orientation and synchronization.
4.3 The linearity and synchronism of the vibration motor installed horizontally and coaxially on both sides will be delayed.
4.4 Vibration motors with double and double sides non-coaxially installed, including when the installation accuracy and deviation are large, the synchronization is not good, there is vibration interference, and nonlinear vibration is formed.
4.5 A single, double-sided horizontally installed vibration motor with longitudinal deviation, linear, with abnormal synchronization and polarization.

5. With the application and continuous development of the inertia vibration shakeout machine in foundry production, users have higher and higher requirements for the effect of shakeout, the impact of vibration and noise on the environment, economic benefits and service life, and the development concept of users are also constantly promote. Therefore, in the sand treatment process of the foundry production line, it is very necessary to study the performance, reliability and practicability of the shakeout machine.

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