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The focus of old sand recycling and reuse in sand casting process

1. Recycling of self-hardening furan resin molding sand
It is relatively simple to recycle and reuse the old self-hardening furan resin sand. Part of the surface resin film is removed by means of strong mechanical friction or wind power, and then the fallen resin dust is separated by wind separation. matching to meet the needs of styling. The regenerated resin sand does not need to completely remove the resin film on the surface of the resin sand, but only partially removes the film, which can not only meet the performance requirements of resin sand production, but also reduce the amount of resin added. If the self-hardening resin old sand is excessively released, it will increase the amount of resin added, resulting in unnecessary cost waste, but it is necessary to completely remove the dust and fine powder such as the falling resin film in the old sand.

2. The green sand modeling old sand is recycled after simple cooling and dust removal.
After simple cooling and removal of part of the dust, the old green sand molding sand is recycled for the purpose of cooling and dusting the old sand. Generally, it is treated by adding water, boiling cooling and strong ventilation. The dust extracted by the powerful exhaust fan contains a large amount of effective clay and effective coal powder. If the mud content of the old sand is not too high, these dusts can be reused and recycled into the molding sand, using the effective clay and pulverized coal in it, and the mud content in the molding sand can also be adjusted to an appropriate range. The mud content of the high-pressure molding line sand is not as low as possible, and the appropriate mud content is crucial to stabilizing the quality of the sand.
Roller cooling is generally used in production lines where the turnover of used sand is not large and the temperature of used sand is not too high, and its cooling effect and dust removal effect are worse.

3. Green sand molding old sand is regenerated and added into molding sand as new sand
Green sand modeling old sand regeneration, one is to use simple mechanical regeneration, part of the separation of the dead clay and dust on the surface of the sand, can only partially replace the new sand for green sand modeling; the other is to use strong mechanical methods to remove most of the Surface impurities can completely replace new sand for modeling, but cannot meet the requirements of resin sand core making.

4. Green sand molding used sand is used for resin sand core production after removing the inert film sintered on the surface through complicated procedures.
The high-pressure molding line for the production of automobile engine castings not only has a large number of sand cores, but also has a large variety of resin sands, such as triethylamine cold core box resin, furan hot core box resin, phenolic resin in coated sand, etc. , the actual amount of new sand added in production is very small. A large amount of resin enters the molding sand, which will have a certain impact on the quality of the molding sand. Due to the large amount of core sand, the old sand mixed with organic materials such as clay, pulverized coal, various resins and curing agents must be discarded in each cycle of the molding line.
Foundry waste sand contains furan resin, phenolic resin and resin diluent, as well as a small amount of other chemical products, such as acid, alkali and some metal oxides. In the long-term storage process of waste sand, there is bound to be a huge environmental risk of contaminating groundwater and soil.
The mechanical and heating method developed by Sanzhuji completely removes the dead clay and organic residues on the surface of the old sand of the wet mold, and removes a small amount of iron oxide residues on the surface. The shape and surface quality of the reclaimed sand are even better than those of the newly purchased raw sand, the thermal expansion coefficient is smaller, and the surface is smoother and smoother. The recycling of used foundry sand is truly realized, and the waste of used sand is reduced to a minimum.

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