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Sanzhuji-China Tianjin Foundry Expo successfully concluded

Founded in 1987, China Tianjin Foundry Expo is the only foundry exhibition in China sponsored by a national industry association. Uniquely authoritative, representative, forward-looking and oriented, it is known as the vane of the development of China''''''''s foundry industry. China Tianjin Foundry Expo adheres to the tenet of leading the industry, developing innovatively and serving the industry. The China International Foundry Expo was grandly held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin), a super-large national-level pavilion arranged by the Ministry of Commerce in the north.
China Tianjin Foundry Expo aims at high-quality development and is oriented to meet the needs of industry development. Foundry Expo assesses the situation. With Tianjin as the fulcrum, an important portal in the north and an advanced manufacturing research and development base, it will radiate the whole of China and create a "smooth double cycle, empowering new development, and realizing new growth"Long" foundry industry event.

This exhibition focuses on displaying high-quality castings, casting equipment, casting materials, automation supporting equipment and peripheral equipment, environmental protection equipment, etc. in the foundry industry. For petrochemical and other upstream and downstream industries, Sanzhuji, as a manufacturer of foundry machinery in Qingdao, concentrated on displaying Green Sand Molding Line, rotator mixer, sand casting molding machine, Hydraulic multi-piston molding machine, Self-hardening sand molding lin, The airless abrasive blast cleaning machine and other foundry machines show the entire sand casting process production process through videos and 3D models. During the green sand casting process, the castings are separated from the old sand from the shakeout machine, and the iron impurities in the old sand are removed by a magnetic separator. The sand is transported to the hexagonal sieve by the belt conveyor for screening treatment to remove clay blocks and control the content of fine powder. The double-disc cooler is used to cool the old sand, and the bucket elevator is used to vertically lift the old sand to the sand storage. , The GS high-efficiency rotor sand mixer can realize quantitative sand and water addition, and use screw feeding to realize quantitative addition of coal powder and bentonite, and the mixed green sand is transported to the molding machine for molding use. No-bake sand casting uses a double-arm continuous sand mixer to mix furan resin and silica sand evenly. When furan resin sand enters the sand mold on the track, use a three-dimensional vibrating table to vibrate the gaps between the sand particles, and use alcohol paste to burn to achieve solidification. The cooled sand mold is coated with paint, and after drying, it is poured by turning the box with the manipulator. The cooled sand mold is separated by inert vibrating shakeout. The old sand of furan resin sand is regenerated for the first time by a crushing and regenerating machine, and the eddy current centrifugal regenerating machine is used. Realize mechanical rubbing regeneration, the demoulding rate is greater than 25%, and the recovery rate is greater than 90%. The sand temperature regulator is used to achieve sand temperature cooling, and the pneumatic conveyor transports the silica sand to the sand bin above the double-arm continuous sand mixer for standby.

The exhibition area of this exhibition is nearly 100,000 square meters, supporting more than 100 wonderful industry activities, which will attract well-known exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions and hundreds of thousands of professional audiences to participate in online and offline ways, and will once again become the driving force for the foundry industry. Transformation and upgrading, an important platform for high-quality development. During this exhibition, Sanzhuji conducted technical exchanges with peers, conducted technical discussions with users, and recommended the best casting process according to the material of the casting. This casting production line is equipped with a complete dust removal pipeline, which can effectively improve the workshop environment and ensure green casting.

Qingdao Sanzhuji Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of Green Sand Molding Line,Self-hardening sand molding line,foundry machines,Sand molding machine,Sand casting equipment,sand mixer,GS high efficiency rotary mixer,Resin sand mixer,no-bake resin sand mixer,Jolt squeeze molding machine/Jolt-squeezing moulding machines,Multi- Piston Moulding Machine/Hydraulic multi-piston moulding machine,sand casting molding machine,sand reclamation equipment,foundry molding machine,flaskless moulding machine,shot blasting machine,dust collector,according to the amount of old sand recovered Carry out plan customization, and provide sand reclamation equipment installation, commissioning, and training. Welcome guests to visit the factory.
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