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Sanzhuji participates in GIFA on the cloud

Germany Dusseldorf Foundry Exhibition (GIFA) is currently the world''s leading international metallurgical foundry industry exhibition in terms of scale and influence. Organized by Messe Düsseldorf, Germany. Various conferences and forums will also be held during the exhibition to discuss the development trend of metal casting in the future. GIFA has a wide range of exhibitions, basically covering all kinds of products in the metal casting industry. There are four main themes: casting and castings, metallurgy exhibition area and heat treatment exhibition area. Including die-casting equipment; melting equipment; various cold chamber/hot chamber die-casting machines, refractory materials and tools Industrial ceramic raw materials and processing equipment, heat treatment production lines, process control instruments and meters, etc.

Metallurgical equipment: suppliers of metallurgical equipment and accessories; steel mills and metallurgical equipment factories; metallurgical product processing technology and equipment (smelting equipment, continuous casting equipment, continuous rolling equipment, pickling equipment, drawing equipment, rolling equipment, finishing equipment , forging and forging equipment, heat treatment equipment, etc.); electric equipment, electronic control and electronic testing equipment, data processing technology and instrumentation for metallurgy, thermal processing, machining, refractory production, etc.

Qingdao Sanzhuji Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of Green Sand Molding Line,Self-hardening sand molding line,foundry machines,Sand molding machine,Sand casting equipment,sand mixer,GS high efficiency rotary mixer,Resin sand mixer,no-bake resin sand mixer,Jolt squeeze molding machine/Jolt-squeezing moulding machines,Multi- Piston Moulding Machine/Hydraulic multi-piston moulding machine,sand casting molding machine,sand reclamation equipment,foundry molding machine,flaskless moulding machine,shot blasting machine,dust collector,according to the amount of old sand recovered Carry out plan customization, and provide sand reclamation equipment installation, commissioning, and training. Welcome guests to visit the factory.
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