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Warmly welcome Brazilian foundry companies to visit Sanzhuji production workshop

Sanzhuji specializes in the production of foundry machinery. In recent years, affected by the epidemic, many foundry companies have been unable to arrange delegations to enter China. Now that the epidemic has disappeared throughout the world, the social economy is also continuing to recover. As a production-oriented company, we warmly welcome foundry companies to come forward. Come visit and discuss cooperation. Sanzhuji can produce various types of casting machinery, including molding machines, sand mixers, sand screens, bucket elevators, sand cooling equipment, shakeout machines, dust collectors, etc., and can provide complete sand casting production lines.

The friends visiting this time mainly inspected the green yarn casting production line, including Horizontal flaskless molding machine, rotator mixer, Resin sand mixer, conveyer shakeout, dust collector equipment, etc. The sand mold size of the Horizontal flaskless molding machine is 1000×1000mm. The use of upper and lower sand shooting can eliminate blind areas and ensure the integrity, compaction rate, strength, etc. of the sand mold. It is currently the most widely used molding equipment in the green yarn casting process. The sand mold can pass The automated conveyor track is used for transportation to realize the automated molding process. It is also equipped with a pouring machine to improve pouring efficiency and reduce operational risks. After cooling, the sand mold is separated from the casting through conveyer shakeout. The separated sand is magnetically separated to remove iron impurities and utilize The sand screen removes clay blocks, the sand temperature is reduced by the multi-cooler, and the bucket elevator transports the old sand to the sand warehouse for the next round of use.

The rotator mixer is mainly used for mixing green sand. It uses an electronic scale to achieve quantitative sand addition to ensure the mixing amount of each batch of green sand. It is also equipped with an electronic scale for auxiliary materials such as coal powder and clay, and an automatic water adding system to ensure that the entire sand mixing unit Efficient operation ensures that the breathability, moisture and strength of each batch of mixed green sand can meet the standards for the use of the molding machine. The sand mixer adopts pneumatic unloading and is equipped with a sampling port to sample and inspect the green sand in the mix. , the rotator mixer uses two rotor mixers on the top, and is equipped with a main electronically driven scraper alloy gear on the bottom. The up and down mixing ensures the quality and work efficiency of green sand. Sand mixing is completed once every 3 minutes on average, and 20T- can be mixed per hour. 65T.

Qingdao Sanzhuji Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of Green Sand Molding Line,Self-hardening sand molding line,foundry machines,Sand molding machine,Sand casting equipment,sand mixer,GS high efficiency rotary mixer,Resin sand mixer,no-bake resin sand mixer,Jolt squeeze molding machine/Jolt-squeezing moulding machines.Multi- Piston Moulding Machine/Hydraulic multi-piston moulding machine,sand casting molding machine,sand reclamation equipment,foundry molding machine,flaskless moulding machine,shot blasting machine,dust collector,according to the amount of old sand recovered Carry out plan customization, and provide sand reclamation equipment installation,commissioning, and training. Welcome guests to visit the factory.

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