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Egypt Sand molding machine

Sand molding machine is mainly used in Green Sand Molding Line. During the installation process, Jolt-squeezing molding machines need to be fixed on the ground first, connect the air source, and fix the mold above the workbench. During use, the operator places the sand box above the workbench. , use a shovel to add green sand for modeling, turn on the shock switch to tamp the gaps between the sand grains, move the compaction plate to the top of the sand box, turn on the compaction switch to complete the compaction shape, the origin pressure is recommended to be controlled at 0.6Mpa, and the entire compaction shape Control it at 3-5 seconds, remove the compaction plate and turn on the mold ejection switch. The mold ejection rod will lift the sand box. The separation of the sand box and the mold is completed. 40-60 sand molds can be completed per hour.

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