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Multi-cooler technical analysis

With the popularization of automated molding machines, the efficiency of the entire green sand casting has been rapidly improved. However, the state of the sand determines the quality of the sand mold. In order to ensure the hardness, air permeability, moisture, strength, etc. of the sand mold, the sand temperature needs to be strictly controlled. , to keep the sand recovery in the best condition. Multi-cooler is undoubtedly the best green sand cooling equipment at this stage.
Evaporative cooling combined with fan heat exchange
The stirrer makes the old sand boil and tumble to increase the cooling effect
The dust removal port extracts hot air to speed up heat exchange
The stirring teeth are made of surfacing tungsten carbide carbide
The bottom of the cabin adopts ceramic wear-resistant plate

The machine adopts dual system control mode of PLC and moisture controller. The PLC system is used to control various actions of the entire system, such as feeding, discharging, stirring and other functions; the moisture controller accurately controls the amount of water added to the system, which not only helps to cool the sand, but also accurately controls the molding sand at the sand outlet of the cooler. Moisture content.
It adopts a top feeding design and is equipped with a temperature measurement and humidification device inside. The sensor detects the sand temperature, and the nozzle sprays water to atomize and cool down; at the same time, the back blower blows and the induced draft fan draws air, making the sand boil and rub against each other; equipped with 2 It is equipped with a tungsten carbide hard alloy stirring scraper to achieve pre-mixing while cooling the old sand. The discharge door is adjustable to control the quantity of materials inside the machine body as needed.
When working, the humidified hot old sand is sent into the bed through the feed port. The air inlet blows cold air into the machine to exchange heat with the sand. The hot air is discharged from the exhaust pipe at the top. The temperature sensor measures the sand temperature according to the sand temperature. Water is sprayed to cool down, and the mixing scraper stirs and premixes the sand in the machine; the cooled sand is discharged from the sand discharge door.
Each sand stream stays in the machine for about 2 minutes to be fully cooled, making the cooled old sand achieve three uniformities: uniform temperature, uniform humidity, and uniform composition, creating favorable conditions for mixing molding sand with stable performance.

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