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30T/H furan resin sand mixer project

Furan resin sand mixer, also called chemical self-hardening sand mixer, is a continuous sand mixer. The project is a foundry in Morocco. The configuration of the entire sand mixer is as follows:
Arm length: 4000mm
Forearm length: 2000mm
Sand outlet height: 1850mm
The big arm uses a belt to transport sand. The feeding port is equipped with a new sand pneumatic valve and an old sand pneumatic valve. The sand bin is equipped with a material level meter, which can display the sand storage condition inside the sand bin. The rotation of the big arm is driven by a motor, and the small arm adopts a fully open design. , it is convenient to open the stirring cage for maintenance, and at the same time, a small arm cleaning program is set up, which uses the friction between dry sand and stirring teeth to remove the resin and curing agent on the inner wall of the stainless steel. The resin pump uses a gear pump, and the curing agent pump uses an Italian diaphragm pump. , the electric control cabinet is equipped with a touch screen, and the PLC uses a Siemens system. It can be controlled through the remote control or the operation screen of the electric control cabinet during operation. A dust removal pipe is equipped above the sand outlet side of the forearm, which can effectively remove dust generated during the sand mixing process. dust.

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