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Brazil Conveyer shakeout project

Conveyer shakeout is mainly used in the green sand casting process. Its function is to use a vibration motor to keep the entire equipment in a vibrating state, thereby separating the casting from the sand mold. The separated sand is collected through the shakeout trough to the bottom sand conveying belt, and is transported to the bottom through the belt conveyor. In the screening recovery area, a belt magnetic separator is equipped above the belt conveyor to screen the iron impurities in the old sand. The castings are slowly transported forward along the falling sand trough to the outlet, and are transported to the shot blasting area manually or by hooks. . The Conveyer shakeout configuration used in this project is as follows:
L252A falling sand grid size: 5000×1200mm, equipped with two 5.5Kw vibration motors, and the entire vibration body is quenched.

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