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Z14 Jolt-squeezing molding machines project

Jolt-squeezing molding machines are mainly used for sand mold manufacturing in the green sand casting process. They use the vibration extrusion of the molding machine to tighten the sand mold. This project is located in two foundries in Mexico and Colombia. The models are Z143 and Z145. Z146 three models:
Z143 workbench size: 560×465mm
Z145 workbench size: 620×520mm
Z146 workbench size: 700×550mm
Average molding speed: 40-60moulds/h
When working, place the sand box above the workbench, use a belt to add sand or use a shovel to add sand manually. After adding sand, use the vibration of the workbench to tighten the sand mold. If sand needs to be added, it will continue to be added. If sand is not added, it will be rotated and pressed. Solid plate, during the compaction process, the sand box will be lifted up by the main cylinder along with the workbench, and the sand mold will be extruded using the pressure between the workbench and the compaction plate. After the extrusion is stopped, the compaction plate will be rotated, and the formed sand mold will be Move away from the workbench, place a new sand box and continue modeling.

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