Mesh belt shot blasting machine
Special shot blasting equipment for steel structures, castings, die-casting parts, auto parts, springs, etc.
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It is widely used in steel structures, castings, die-casting parts, auto parts, springs and various parts that require derusting, descaling, strengthening, and stress relief, as well as surface cleaning or surface strengthening in small and medium batches.

The mesh belt shot blasting machine can clean the microburrs and surface residues of the machined parts; the pretreatment of the workpiece surface before coating and plating can obtain an active surface and improve the adhesion of the coating and plating; it can be within a certain range Increase or decrease the roughness Ra value of the workpiece surface; change the stress state of the workpiece surface to improve the wear resistance and fatigue strength of the parts. The machine adopts a pit-free structure, convenient installation, and reduces investment costs; compact structure, high productivity, Good cleaning quality, safe and reliable work, stable operation;


1. Continuous pass shot blasting

2. Efficient shot blasting device configuration

3. High manganese steel mesh belt

4. It can handle various workpieces of different shapes

5. High process reliability

6. Easy to integrate into existing production processes

7. A variety of equipment sizes and selections are available

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