Catenary shot blasting machine

The chain length of the catenary shot blasting machine can be designed and adjusted according to the site, equipped with a dust collector

product details

1. Cleaning quality of catenary shot blasting machine: in line with national standards (up to Sa2.5 (GB8923-88)).

2. Machine structure type: catenary step-through shot blasting machine.

3. Use high-efficiency shot blasting device with high ejection speed (frequency conversion shot blasting device can be used according to user requirements) to ensure the best cleaning effect.

According to user needs, multiple high-efficiency and powerful shot blasting machines are selected and arranged according to the best projecting coordinate orientation to shorten the cleaning time and improve the cleaning quality.

The advanced high-efficiency shot blasting machine is easy to repair and replace the wearing parts, has good wear resistance and long service life.

When the workpiece to be cleaned is continuously moved to the projectile ejection area in the cleaning chamber, it is subjected to continuous and uniform ejection cleaning in all directions.

4. Adopt a plate-type large-volume cleaning room to improve the maintenance and operation environment and improve the overall use effect.

The cleaning room is protected by inlaid high wear-resistant plates. The wear-resistant protective plates are bolted with wear-resistant cast iron nuts, which are convenient for disassembly and maintenance, which not only prolongs the service life of the chamber, but also increases the rebound times of the projectiles, and increases the strength and effect of cleaning.

5. Catenary conveyor system

The workpiece conveying adopts a die forging detachable heavy-duty chain, and the user can freely adjust the shot blasting cleaning time according to the requirements of different workpieces to control the productivity and cleaning quality. The workpiece can be continuously loaded, double-station shot blasting cleaning, and unloading, which saves users a lot of manpower and material resources, advances the construction cycle, and saves energy consumption.

6. Projectile circulation system

The catenary shot blasting machine adopts an advanced fully enclosed shot blasting system and a self-controlled shot blasting gate.

7. Adopt a variety of new structures and sealing materials to increase the sealing effect and strength.

The inlet and outlet of the workpieces at both ends of the cleaning room are protected by multi-layered wear-resistant steel rubber plates perpendicular to the axis of the roller table. The sealing effect is good, and the projectile and dust will not overflow.

8. Conducive to environmentally friendly working methods and provide a clean operating environment.

Comply with GBJ4-73 industrial "three wastes" emission standards

9. The equipment is easy to operate and maintain, with reliable operation and low failure rate.

10. Catenary shot blasting machine adopts brand high-quality electrical components, simple operation and use, sensitive and reliable operation, and low failure rate.

11. The high equipment start-up rate reduces the maintenance workload and saves equipment maintenance costs.

12. The overall compact structure of catenary shot blasting machine equipment, which beautifies the shape of the equipment and saves investment costs

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